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Storm Damage Assessment

Data Post-Processing | Debris Identification | Restoration

Force Aerial Solutions is adept in assessing the damage from storms and hurricanes, specially in places where a land surveying crew will not be able to reach in time. With a diverse fleet of UAS equipped with state-of-the-art digital mapping cameras (payloads), airborne GPS, ground control point (GCP) measurement systems, and our team of experienced drone pilots and photogrammetrists, Force is uniquely qualified to deliver on critical storm damage assessment projects – on-time and on-budget. Watch the video below in HD to learn about our assessment process.

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Our team captures every little damage detail caused by natural hurricanes and tropical storms that disrupt the lives of millions of people along the coastal United States. Our response time is quick, and our airborne capabilities of capturing canal blockage, down trees and disrupted power lines are not limited by infrastructure, we can capture hard-to-reach spots deep into coastal wetlands, marshes and forests. Once data is captured, we assess the damages, extract the important and deliver presentation-ready reports for our clients. 
Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) are the future of surveying and mapping. The sooner this technological blessing industry-wide, the faster we can get rid off poor-quality field data and complexities associated with conventional surveying techniques. Check out this video by GEOSPATIAL WORLD explaining why using Drones in Surveying and Mapping is the way to go!
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