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Site Assessment & Progress Reports

Land Development |  Construction Progress | Thermal Inspection | 3D Models

Using aerial imagery is the latest digitization strategy for construction management. Force Aerial Solutions plays a key role by helping our clients prepare construction site progress reports with the help aerial imagery and 3D models. We provide perspective of the whole site using our Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) so that our clients don't have to physically visit the site to assess site development and progress. 

Construction Site  

3D View

Site Progress 2.PNG
3D Model.PNG
Our comparative analysis can cover a wide variety of client needs - initial survey data for land development, topographic maps for drainage analysis, construction site progress, thermal inspection and 3D models of finished structures. The use of UAS is an integral part of accurate data and representation in reports and presentations when it comes to land development and construction management. Once data is collected, our team of trained GIS Specialists, photogrammetrists and 3D modelers create presentation-ready images, maps, digital terrain models (DTM), and 3D structures for more accurate, cost-effective, and safe construction site progress monitoring.

Construction  Update

3D Model 2.PNG

Perspective View

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