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Elm Creek

FORCE coordinated aerial mapping across 6,000+ acres, spanning both U.S. and Mexican territories.

Project Overview:

FORCE orchestrated a comprehensive aerial mapping initiative covering over 6,000 acres of terrain, including roads and railways. Our strategic planning ensured the delivery orthophotography, ground classified LiDAR data, digital terrain models, and planimetric mapping services. This involved meticulous coordination of control point placement across the United States and Mexico, facilitated through extensive collaboration with government agencies.


Our team spearheaded the aerial imagery collection and deployed survey crews for control point establishment, ground truthing, and cross-section analysis.

Project Highlights:

  • Mapping of a 6,000+ acre area

  • Successful coordination across multiple countries

  • Completion within a tight two-week field schedule, with deliverables provided in four weeks


Eagle Pass, TX


Manned and sUAS Aerial Mapping

Project Gallery

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