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Jones Maltsberger Rd.

FORCE mapped a 10-acre area, including Jones Maltsberger Rd, using advanced sUAS technology.

Project Overview:

FORCE provided planimetric feature 2D and 3D mapping, surface model in .xml format.

georeferenced orthomosaic (TIFF), high resolution aerial geotagged still images, and a .las point cloud for the 10 Acres that the area of interest enveloped. The area of interest included 1.2 miles of Jones Maltsberger Rd. bounded by Redland Rd. and Autry Pond, to include 150' from returns at intersections. This was accomplished using a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) equipped with a camera payload and LiDAR technology and 100' overlap past ROWE.

FORCE's Role:

FORCE provided all personnel for the collection of sUAS LiDAR data and data processing.

Project Highlights:

  • 10 Acre Area, 1.2 mi of Road Mapping

  • 14-Day Period of Performance


San Antonio, TX


Aerial Mapping

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